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Having a successful resale business depends greatly on offering the right product, at the right price, at the right time. Therefore, it is paramount to the success of your business to be able to locate the best sources for those products and that's where C2CWholesale comes in. Give us a call today at 1-207-654-3510 and we will gladly help with your buying needs.

Our products ship directly from the source. We never bring merchandise in to a warehouse to turn around and ship it back out to you.

This page is broken up in four sections.
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Wholesale, Liquidation, Salvage, Surplus, Phantom, Overstocks, Closeouts, Obsoletes, Irregulars, Seconds, Class A, Class B, Buy-Backs, Shelf-Pulls, Customer Returns, Bankruptcies, Insurance Salvage and more. This is where we step in, we will usually contract with the facilities/retailer, catalog company or manufacturer to buy all merchandise at pennies on the actual dollar (below wholesale) to relieve them of their losses. Then of course we re-sell to retailers, pawnshops, auctioneers, jobbers, wholesalers, flea marketers, eBayer's, boutiques, brokers, exporters and many others.

The majority of our pallets are made up of customer return items, although we do have several Listings of only New or only Overstock Items. New and overstocked items will be listed as new and or overstock.


Wholesaling consists of the sale of wholesale merchandise, the resale of new, used and returned goods to retailers, eBayer's, flea marketers, other professional business users or to other wholesalers, etc.

A closeout or clearance is the final sale of an item. It may be an item that it not selling well, or in the case of the final closure of a retailer because of a relocation, etc.

Overstock/Shelf Pulls Merchandise:
Overstock Merchandise is just that...what stores buy and do not sell. These may contain new items shelf-pulls, overstock, out of season, and liquidated merchandise. Most of these loads are in perfect condition, tags and labels in tact, however, some on the other hand may have a slight chance of being slightly damaged due to shipping or human error.

When manufacturers come out with new models, old models become out-of-date and no longer desirable to sell, thus, Discontinued. Discontinued merchandise is often sold to liquidators and surplus dealers at pennies on the dollar.

Customer Returns:
People buy millions of dollars of merchandise daily across the United States and people tend to return items for various reasons, not all of which are because of damage or defect. Typically Customer Return Pallets/Loads are made up of a variety of products that a department store has decided to sell off in bulk for a variety of reasons and to keep profits flowing, it is much easier for them to send this to the customer return center, department stores facility to liquidate. Some of the reasons are that these items were or have: In Store display, Out of box, damaged exterior packaging, Returned to the store by a customer and the store can not or does not want to re-shelf it., Cosmetic blemishes or slight defects, Missing minor or major components, Defective when returned by customer, one or more of the items features do not work, Overstocks, Out of season items.

  1. You may NOT use the Department Store's Name or names of any of the Store Brands in your advertising or in the selling and representing of their products. They must simply be described as Major Department Store Returns & Salvage.  
  2. You may NOT sell these products within a 50 mile radius of any branch of the Department Store from which you purchased the items.
  3. All products you sell must be defaced. This means that all labels and price stickers MUST BE REMOVED or you could be fined. Furthermore, if the product is a Brand Name made by the Department Store, you must remove any reference to that brand name from the product itself and its corresponding packaging.  
  4. Many department stores requiring Defacing/Delabeling Agreements signed by the buyer before deliver an even take effect.

When purchasing a department store pallet or truckload it is not uncommon to find items that are not specific to the category you purchased. It is also not uncommon to see a different Item count or pallet count and have your wholesale value off a little bit. Each pallet and or truckload is packed by the department stores facility by human hands and human error is a very common occurrence. Each load is sold based on value, not item count.

We have even seen clothing on occasion thrown in with various electronics loads. It does happen. Do all loads come this way? NO. You may find a load that doesn't have misplaced items, but then again, you just don't know.

Please keep in mind that the goods we sell are not manufactured for our specifications, or classified by category by us. Therefore every pallet and truckload is unique and varies in quantity, quality, products placed within. All loads are sold based on wholesale value, not item count, pallet count or size. Discrepancies do and will occur and should be treated as a risk in buying liquidated off-price merchandise.
  1. Shipping, Delivery & Order Processing:
    The majority of shopping cart orders are usually processed within 48 hours and most of these orders will reach their destination within 10 working days of being picked up, so please be patient.
  2. Pallets and Truckload / Container Shipping:
    Pallets are shipped LTL Freight - (Less-Than-Truckload). Shipping charges are based on origin, destination, class, and weight and are non-negotiable set by the trucking carrier. If freight runs over the amount quoted by carrier, CUSTOMER IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for any and all additional freight charges, Damages and Discrepancies of any kind, etc. Any and all shipping discrepancies MUST BE be reported to shipping company and not C2C. C2C Will in no way be held liable for shipping errors or charge of any kind. Important Note: Once a load is paid for and placed on a truck or container, it is yours. There are no refunds, of any kind. What you decide to do with that truck/container is entirely up to you, in other words refusal does not mean refund. We do not accept returns of any kind and neither do any of the facilities we work with. We purchase direct and then ship direct to you.
  3. Delivery Arrangement For Pallets and Truckloads / Containers:
    C2CWholesale is NOT responsible for freight rates, lost, delayed or merchandise damage due to shipping. All shipping quotes are given with no insurance unless specifically requested by the customer.  Although we get competitive rates, these rates can some times be off due the the ever increasing gas prices, this is NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY and the customer will be billed for the additional shipping charges.
  4. Taxes and Duties:
    Customer is solely responsible for taxes and or duties.
  5. Refunds & Credits: C2CWholesale DOES NOT ISSUE REFUNDS.
  6. Deposits: C2CWholesale.com NO LONGER ACCEPTS DEPOSITS
  7. Identifying Returns, Overstocks or New Products We Sell:
    We are salvage liquidators and all items listed on our website regardless of how they are listed are considered SALVAGE unless otherwise stated. Returns will have damage and the amount of damage is not an exact science, some lots will have more than others. If you order returns than you should expect to receive damaged items in your lot.  If you do not want to see any damage or minimal damage items than you should ONLY BUY New or Overstock Items which are primarily contained within our shopping cart section of the website. Please see definitions above.
  8. Working & Non-Working Items:
    There is no way of knowing what items work and what items do not and the percentage can vary. Typically speaking, a clothing load has very little defective items, whereas electronics would have more damage and is not recommended for the novice buyer.  Underwear and socks loads are usually always brand new since most stores do not allow the return of socks and/or underwear from customers. Electronic items on the other hand, have a higher defective rate - non-electronic items such as toys, cookware, cutlery, accessories, domestics etc. tend to have much lower defective rates. The industry average used when trying to estimate working % is as follows: 65%-75% working, 20% Repairable, remainder scrap/spare parts/throwaway etc. Of course no individual load or pallet will have that exact breakdown, but generally speaking the latter percentages are fairly accurate to describe the average expected condition. Please note - exact working % of any particular pallet/load is unknown - and all items are always untested.
  9. The Risk Factor:
    There is a definite risk in purchasing salvage liquidations and store returns, these items are sold AS-IS regardless of anyone's best intentions to advertise each load as accurately as possible. Like most businesses in life - the higher the risks - the Higher the potential returns. In the long term and looking at several purchases most people in this industry would agree that the payoffs and money returns are generally very good and that the long-term risk is generally minimal.
  10. Should everyone be purchasing Department Store Returns / Overstocks / Liquidations:
    NO, Not at all.
    Purchasing department store salvage/returns/Overstocks/Liquidations is like playing the stock market and is not for everyone. This is not a 'get rich quick & easy scheme. The payoffs are high for those prepared to work hard and put effort in their purchases in order to create the highest possible return on investment. If you are not prepared to test items do not purchase. If you are not prepared to repair items - do not purchase. If you only want to deal with 100% retail ready items do not purchase. If you are not prepared to expect a percentage of items to be out of box, defective, cosmetically blemished etc. do not purchase.
  11. Guarantees or Warrantees:
    ALL LOADS ARE SOLD "AS IS" THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES. C2CWholesale does not guarantee that any products we sell are merchantable or fit for any particular purpose. We offer NO warranties expressed or implied.
  12. Conditions of Sale:
    Buyer fully understands that C2CWholesale sells salvage, surplus, liquidated, off-price, distressed merchandise and makes NO promises of profits to be made. All merchandise is SOLD AS IS. NO warranties expressed or implied. NO RETURNS, REFUNDS, CREDITS OR EXCHANGES. Buyer is responsible for all related taxes, licenses, and shipping charges, unless otherwise stated. Any and all shipping discrepancies must be reported to shipping company and not C2C, we will not be held responsible for missing parts, orders, pallets loaded on to your pallet or truck.
It is hereby agreed that the laws of the State of Maine, County of Somerset, will govern all matters concerning this sale. Should any dispute occur, the matter will be settled by arbitration at the discretion of C2CWholesale at buyers sole expense and with no expense to C2CWholesale. These conditions of sale are considered accepted upon receipt of payment and shipment of goods. All of the terms herein constitute the entire online agreement between You and the C2Cwholesale.com

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